Please download from below your sticker you require for your category.

Please print and attach to your box before dropping to one of our drop offs.

Sticker - Boy - 3-6Sticker - Boy - 7-11

Sticker - Girl - 3-6Sticker - Girl - 7-11

This campaign is run by volunteers and is supported 100% by Donations. All the volunteers that work on the project do not take any wages for their time. All the money raised goes to supporting the costs the campaign which include Container transport, Storage and packaging materials . You can Visit our GIVEBRITE page to support the project.


The shoeboxes are distributed to the childern of Syria at Various locations. Last year we sent over 11,000 Shoeboxes that were distributed at various locations including Orphanges , Schools and Mosques.

Please visit the below links to see the previous distribution videos.

When making up your boxes please avoid second hand toys, dangerous and sharp toys, toys that are military or Army toys, things that you would not want your own childern to play with. The aim of the project is to gift a gift on Eid so make it something special and make a child smile.

Sweets are ok as long as they are Halal and not out of date. Chocolate should be avoided as by the time they get to Syria they would have melted.

Unfortunately we are a small organisation and don’t have the resources to go around collecting from all over the country. To solve this problem we have set up as many Drop off points across the country as possible. Please contact the local Drop off point to you to arrange dropping boxes to them.

The Main Address to use for posting your shoeboxes is 125 Hounslow Road Feltham Middlesex TW14 0BL

Once we receive the shoeboxes in London, We will pack 10-12 shoeboxes of a single age category in a master carton. The master carton will be loaded on to the container making sure the shoeboxes inside do not get damaged and arrive in good condition.
A 40ft container holds roughly 600 Master cartons. Allowing each container we send to have around 6000 shoeboxes.
Once the container is full they will be shipped to Turkey and then by road to the border of Syria.

Please see below video of how we load our containers.

Wrap the lid separate and the box separate. Use an Elastic band to seal the box so the contents can be checked.


Each different location may have different dates so please check with each drop off point.
We need all shoeboxes at our west London head office depo by the 7th May 2017 so we can ship the container before Ramadhan starts

We are a group of volunteers working under the banner of Islam Hounslow Ltd who have initiated this project to help bring happiness and joy to the suffering endured by the children of Syria.

Please visit our website : www.islamhounslow.com

Please see below our Channel 4 documentray about some of our previous Aid work